As a family run business, we at Sydney Chaise Lounge, are very proud of the furniture that we produce in heart of Sydney NSW. Our vast workshop gives us the flexibility we need to produce the products that our clients require, and to their exact specifications.

Our dedicated and skilled craftsmen and women who build each piece of furniture custom for your home, and to last a lifetime. With over 500 fabrics from leading suppliers (such as Warwick fabrics, Profile, Zepel etc), and premium leather for you to choose from, Sydney chaise lounge offers the broadest selection and countless combinations to help you create something special and uniquely suited for your home.

Built in Australia, using the premium locally sourced materials, we deliver orders within four weeks or less. ALWAYS, WITHOUT FAIL. We believe that furniture should not only be beautiful and well crafted, but also function and suitable for Australian culture.  Australian Made furniture is designed with you in mind.

People have purchased from us because they know that they are buying the best. At Sydney Chaise Lounge, we do what we do, because we care and are passionate about the quality from start to finish, and our customers think the same.